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Greetings! I’m Devon Ray Battaglia, MS, AHA, ACC. At my core, I’m a seeker, just like you, and I’ve devoted myself to living and sharing the timeless wisdom of Nature’s rhythms. I mentor individuals like you on a heartfelt journey toward the life-changing simplicity and nourishment of living in sync with Nature.

I am an Integrative Health Expert, Ayurvedic Health Advisor, Holistic Life Coach, and founder of The InnerSpark Method.

The InnerSpark Method is a holistic, trauma-informed system based on the principles of Integrative Health, Ayurveda, Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, breathwork, energy healing, holistic nutrition, life coaching, and more to support folks in transforming life’s storms and the struggles of modern living to amplify resilience, boost health and vitality, reconnect with your InnerSpark, and discover a life overflowing with peace, confidence, and clarity.