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3 Ways to Build Resilience & Thrive in an Overwhelming World as a Sensitive, Deep-Feeling Woman

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Hi! I'm Devon Ray Battaglia, MS, AHA, Integrative Health Educator, Holistic Coach, Shame Eradicator, & Founder of The InnerSpark Method.

My greatest passion in life is teaching sensitive, deep-feeling folks how to finally ditch things like burnout, anxiety, overthinking, and poor health by addressing and overcoming the REAL twofold root cause of why life can feel so hard as a SDF: shame and a weak foundation of consistent, sustainable resilience-building self-care that's aligned with Nature's rhythms and addresses the five elements of their being.

My whole-person, trauma-informed system, The InnerSpark Method, is inspired by Nature’s rhythms and guided by tools from various Integrative Health modalities, such as Ayurveda, energy healing, holistic nutrition, life coaching, Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy and nervous system care, breathwork, meditation, and yoga, and guides SDF folks in creating their own resilience-building lifestyle so they may confidently, joyfully, and shamelessly thrive in body, mind, and spirit for life!