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Doing life in modern society as a sensitive, deep-feeling person can be freakin’ tough…

Do you find yourself struggling to just get by and be yourself as a sensitive, deep-feeling person in a world that often feels loud, chaotic, and overwhelming?

Does trying to “keep up” with the pressures and expectations of it all leave you chronically anxious, exhausted, and burnt out?

Do you find yourself continually feeling like you’re a never ending project to be “fixed” or “healed” so that you can finally fit in with all that’s “normal” even though it feels unnatural to you? 

The world isn't designed for sensitive, deep-feeling folks...

And this leaves them in a near-constant state of anxiety, overthinking, exhaustion, poor health, and people-pleasing. Worst of all, it leaves them on a constant quest to “fix” and “heal” all they see as “bad” or “wrong” about themselves. 

But there's another way for those of us who literally cannot do it "their" way.

 We may not be able to change the ways of the world, but we can boost our own resilience and capacity for life so we may confidently, joyfully, and shamelessly thrive.

 Through unraveling what stands in the way of embracing ourselves just as we are and tending our body, emotions and energy, mind, connection with spirit and nature, as well as our relationships, we may come to find joy in life and THRIVE! 

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Here’s the truth: there's nothing wrong with you.

Being a sensitive, deep-feeler isn’t some kind of curse… it’s a gift.

You don’t have to sacrifice your needs, boundaries, and true nature to “keep up” with and participate in life.

You don’t have to feel exhausted from overthinking and over-analyzing every little scenario in your head.

You don’t have to constantly put others ahead of yourself at the expense of your own happiness and needs.

You don’t have to continue to resent, hide, or feel alienated by your sensitive, deep-feeling ways.

You don't have to live with endless cycles of burnout, anxiety, and poor health.


Sensitive, deep-feeling women are untapped sources of wisdom, guidance, and power whose heart-centered, empathic wisdom is needed more than EVER!

I spent decades throwing everything-but-the-kitchen-sink (as my grandma used to say) at myself in an endless attempt to “fix” my sensitive, deep-feeling ways.


Of course, nothing worked, and the burnout, anxiety, and overthinking would return – often with vengeance!

I spent much of my life burnt out, frustrated, anxious, and exhausted. I constantly felt like there was just something “wrong” with me, and that my sensitivity was to blame.

Then, I realized there was actually something else happening…

It wasn’t because I was “too sensitive” that I was constantly exhausted and burning out under life’s pressures and expectations.

It wasn’t because I was “too sensitive” that my body and health were suffering.

It wasn’t because I was “too sensitive” that my emotions were all over the place, my mind was an unruly constant chatterbox, or my relationships weren’t supportive.

Once I finally discovered the actual twofold ROOT cause of why life felt so hard as a sensitive, deep-feeling person and then developed a holistic, sustainable system to overcome it, EVERYTHING changed – and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Now it’s my life’s mission to share these discoveries with other sensitive, deep-feeling folks so they can also learn to confidently, shamelessly, and joyfully thrive in body, mind, and spirit for life, too.


You can use this system too, but first we need to address what’s getting in the way: the root of your challenges.

The root is twofold: Feminine Shame and a weak foundation of resilience-building self-care.


In most all sensitive, deep-feeling women the root of things like burnout, anxiety, overthinking, and poor health is twofold: unacknowledged, unprocessed shame, specifically a phenomenon and concept I’ve coined as “Feminine Shame,” combined with a weak foundation of consistent, holistic, sustainable resilience-building self-care that's aligned with Nature's rhythms and addresses the 5 Elements of your being.

These two feed into each other and create a nasty cycle: the shame causes the resistance to creating a foundation, the lack of foundation perpetuates the shame, which keeps you anxious, stuck, and unwell.

It’s not your fault.

The InnerSpark Method is a repeatable, holistic, trauma-informed process for bringing harmony to every element of your being as you remember how to live from your InnerSpark.

Your InnerSpark is the place within yourself that is your true, shame-free nature. The part of yourself that trusts your body’s intelligence, sources guidance from their emotions, is in a collaborative, harmonious relationship with their mind, is grounded into Nature and seasonal flow, is an empowered self-healer looking within for their answers, and consistently turns challenges into gifts.

 When living from your InnerSpark, there's a sense of confidence, safety, belonging, contentment, and joy from within. There's greater resilience, regulation, and adaptability in your nervous system. There are healthy relationships, clear boundaries, a connection to your values, and ability to use your voice, and most of all: a great acceptance and even love of your deep-feeling, sensitive ways.

We must learn to live from our InnerSpark in order to navigate the world with confidence, safety, belonging, contentment, and joy.

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This process is a blend of modern and ancient wisdom modalities, delivered in 13 modules.

Through a revolutionary, whole-person, trauma-informed approach, The InnerSpark Method teaches sensitive, deep-feelers how to finally ditch things like burnout, anxiety, overthinking, and poor health by addressing and overcoming the REAL twofold root cause of these challenges!

It’s a whole-person, trauma-informed system inspired by Nature’s rhythms and guided by tools from various Integrative Health modalities, such as Ayurveda, energy healing, holistic nutrition, life coaching, Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy and nervous system care, breathwork, meditation, and yoga.

Sensitive, deep-feelers are guided in creating their own resilience-building lifestyles so they may confidently, joyfully, and shamelessly thrive in body, mind, and spirit for life!

Thriving as a sensitive, deep-feeler, experiencing the joy, confidence, and clear sense of purpose you most desire is best done through creating a solid resilience-building lifestyle anchored in Nature’s wisdom.

  • Through guided meditations, journal prompts, worksheets, energy healing, imagery, breathwork, expressive arts and embodiment practices, coaching and mentoring, and much more, you’ll be guided through acknowledging and processing the shame has stood in your way and wreaked havoc on your life and body
  • You'll be supported in creating a new foundation of resilience-building self-care rooted in Nature’s rhythms and heavily inspired by the principles of Ayurveda and Yoga
  • You'll learn ways of stabilizing your sensitive nervous system to create a sense of safety, belonging, contentment, and joy from within
  • You'll explore concepts like “masculine” and “feminine,” "shame," and "Feminine Shame," to understand and see yourself and your tendencies in new ways so you may transform them
  • You’ll learn how to work with Nature and Seasonal Living, as well as the Eight Archetypes as inspirational guides for vibrant, cyclical living (to kiss burnout and exhaustion goodbye)
  • You’ll be guided in coming into a harmonious, collaborative relationship with your physical body for increased intuition, self-trust, and health
  • You'll come to view your emotions as teachers and guides, rather than things to shun or hide as you learn new energy healing and management tools
  • Your mind will no longer be an unruly toddler on a sugar high as you learn to take yourself through a powerful, proprietary self-coaching process to change habits and your life
  • You’ll create authentic, shame-free self-care resources, explore how to set boundaries, use your voice, identify your values, and create your unique legacy
  • You’ll be supported and guided in taking your fresh insights and habits into your life and relationships. An inward journey is one thing, having the opportunities, guidance, and resources to put it into action in your life is what ensures your continued, sustainable burnout-free thriving!

You are personally supported by me throughout the entire process, as well as by your fellow program-mates in a private community available via our app or your desktop.


The tools and approach offered in The InnerSpark Method honor your autonomy, wholeness, and capabilities - and encourage you to do so, as well.

The InnerSpark Method is delivered over 13 modules (plus a bonus module of Nervous System Regulation Exercises) and supports you in building stability, a new foundation for yourself, while simultaneously addressing and clearing the blocks to doing that in the first place - feminine shame and a weak foundation of resilience-building self-care.

By the end of The InnerSpark Method, and as you continually adopt these practices into your life, you'll become the empowered, confident, joyful, radiant being trapped under that mountain of burnout, anxiety, shame, and feeling "too sensitive."

  • You will find relief from “symptoms” and health challenges you’ve been dealing with in body and mind, including a more resilient and regulated nervous system, balanced digestion, better sleep, and more.
  • You will come to view your gentle heart and deep-feeling ways as your ultimate superpowers AND use them without burning out.
  • You will create a life that nourishes, inspires, and brings you joy and that’s in alignment with your unique nature and directed by your InnerSpark.
  • You will develop greater confidence and trust in yourself to meet life as it happens with strength, courage, and an unshakable connection with your InnerSpark.
  • You will learn to powerfully Mother yourself, to heal the legacy of feminine shame and patriarchal conditioning that are at the root of things like burnout, overthinking, people-pleasing, and anxiety in sensitive, deep-feeling women.
  • You will feel confident in who you truly are and will be able to authentically be yourself in any situation and in all company.
  • You will feel empowered and at ease in your own skin, sourcing guidance from the wisdom of your body.
  • You will source your own answers, guidance, and life purpose from within (no more Googling, constant comparison, or feeling trapped by family legacies).

You can’t change your true nature, you can allow it to bloom beautifully, leverage it, and safeguard it by building your capacity for life’s challenges as a sensitive, deep-feeling woman.

It’s time. Let go of “fixing” or “healing” yourself and instead, come to see yourself differently with compassion, acceptance, and awe.

Sensitive, deep-feeling women are untapped sources of wisdom, guidance, and power who have been suppressed, oppressed, and shamed for far too long. At this pivotal turning point in humankind, they are needed more than EVER as the heart-centered, empathic, wise ones to midwife this collective rebirth.

Are you ready to let go of exhaustion, anxiety, and feeling like there’s something “wrong” with you?


Are you ready to ditch burnout, shame, and resentment and leverage your unique, remarkable gifts as a sensitive, deep-feeling woman?


Are you ready to develop powerful self-knowledge, rather than putting bandaids on things, numbing yourself, continuing to try to “toughen up” or “fix” yourself?


Are you ready to use your challenges as guides towards more wholeness and joy?

Please, hear me: being a sensitive, deep-feeler isn’t some kind of curse… it’s a gift. 

Burnout, people-pleasing, self-sabotage, anxiety, poor health... these aren't the only options for you.


You deserve to feel confident, peaceful, and aligned with your InnerSpark. 

You are worthy and capable of feeling joyous, alive, and vibrant in body, mind, and spirit.

It would be an honor to support you in discovering and living your true, shame-free nature so you can finally confidently THRIVE in body, mind, and spirit.

You are meant to feel well and experience joy in life. Let me show you how, sensitive, deep-feeler.

Let’s walk together.

Enrollment Details:

Upon enrollment, you will gain access to The InnerSpark Method (consisting of 13 weekly modules and a bonus module), as well as The InnerSpark Method Community.

The InnerSpark Method Community is a private forum (away from social media) where you may connect with fellow enrollees and participate in monthly live Community Circles for mentorship and facilitated sharing.

You will also receive direct support and guidance from The InnerSpark Method's founder, Devon, through The InnerSpark Method Community during your time in the program. *There's an option of purchasing private session(s) with Devon to support your process beyond the individual support found in the program. She is not currently working individually with clients outside of those actively enrolled in the program.

You will retain access to The InnerSpark Method material and The InnerSpark Method Community for six months from your initial enrollment date. It is recommended that you complete one module per week, for a 13-week program. However, the spaciousness of The InnerSpark Method ensures you enjoy plenty of time to put it all into practice. The real value in The InnerSpark Method isn't just in the materials, but in the opportunity to implement your new knowledge and insights while having direct access to support and guidance along the way as you make lifelong habits and changes.

You may access the modules and the community through our app on iOS and Android, or through your internet browser on any device.

You may select one single payment, or six monthly payments, and receive the exact same benefits no matter which one you pick.

Paid in-full

One payment of $1,397

  • 1 60-minute private Health & Lifestyle Assessment session with Devon to jump-start and focus your efforts during the program
  • 13 weekly modules
  • 6 months of access and continued support
  • iOS / Android apps
  • Community connection
    • Connect with peers
    • Support from Devon
    • Monthly virtual meetings
  • Option of purchasing private session(s) with Devon to support your process beyond the individual support found in the program
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Split Payments

Six monthly payments of $257

  • 13 weekly modules
  • 6 months of access and continued support
  • iOS / Android apps
  • Community connection
    • Connect with peers
    • Support from Devon
    • Monthly virtual meetings
  • Option of purchasing private session(s) with Devon to support your process beyond the individual support found in the program
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Meet Your Guide: My Story

I spent so. many. years. resenting my deep-feeling, sensitive nature, and I let so much precious life pass me by.

Trying to "keep up" with life used to leave me chronically anxious and exhausted. I resented the heck out of my sensitivity and was on a constant crusade to "fix" or "heal" myself.

I second guessed myself at every turn, overthought everything, tried to please everyone, and experienced frequent episodes of burnout.

I was disconnected from myself and in so much pain and inner turmoil, and alcohol and food were my main coping mechanisms.

My body suffered, my mind was my own worst enemy, I had no energy for life, was completely disconnected from Nature and Spirit, and had co-dependent, unsupportive relationships.

I used to feel so small, so insecure, so anxious. I just wanted to hide and get through life. I lived with a constant, overwhelming belief that there was just something wrong with me.

I used to watch others do what I secretly wanted, yet felt too insecure and unworthy to do myself.

I guess I had a really high pain tolerance… or just didn’t actually believe life could be better.

Year after year, I continually lived against my nature and racked up the effects in my body, in my mind, and in my spirit.

I was buried under a mountain of shame, until I finally made a choice to do something differently.

From that moment on, I courageously made it my mission to create ways of living and being that supported me to live shame-free and confidently thrive - even as a highly sensitive person in a loud, overwhelming world.

I was DONE chasing and pacifying symptoms of burnout, DONE with quick, temporary fixes, and DONE blaming my burnout on things like overdoing and overthinking. I realized that without understanding why I was even doing and experiencing those things in the first place, the cycle would just continue. It felt like being on a hamster wheel!

Wobbly at first, and completely unsure of what to do or how to do it, I recreated my foundation for living a life that truly nourishes me from the inside out – shame-free.

I eventually discovered the actual ROOT cause of the burnout that used to plague me, and have guided other deep-feeling, sensitive women in doing the same.

My mission is to support others in having a smoother, more supported, better organized, and accelerated way to the thriving than I did. How? By going to the ROOT. No more bandaids or skimming the surface.

My purpose is to share the revolutionary, whole-person system I developed after decades of living in suffering as a burnt out deep-feeling sensitive woman.

Let’s walk together and create a better world.

Devon Ray Battaglia, MS, AHA, Integrative Health Educator, Holistic Coach, Shame Eradicator, & Founder of The InnerSpark Method, is pioneering innovative, whole-person, trauma-informed approaches to identifying, uprooting, and transforming shame into a positive influence that builds resilience and guides us towards wholeness – both individually and collectively.

Her signature program, The InnerSpark Method, teaches sensitive, deep-feeling folks to confidently, joyfully, and shamelessly thrive in body, mind, and spirit by overcoming the twofold root cause of things like burnout, anxiety, frustration, poor health, and feeling constantly like there's something just "wrong" with them: shame and a weak foundation of sustainable, holistic, resilience-building self-care that's aligned with Nature's rhythms and addresses the 5 elements of their being.

A natural teacher and healing presence, Devon fiercely walks her talk and has an innate gift for supporting and guiding others to live a life of greater wholeness, vitality, and ease - as defined by them.

As a voracious learner (and lifelong lover of holistic healing), she has explored many paths. This has included a Master of Nutrition & Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health, a Registered Yoga Teacher certification, a Flower Essence Therapy certification, Energy Healing certification, and a Meditation and Pranayama (breath practice) certification. In addition, she earned a certificate in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy (trauma-informed) through The Embody Lab, studied life coaching with The Wisdom of the Whole Academy, and studied Ayurvedic Health Advising with Hale Pule Ayurveda & Yoga. She has also attended thousands of hours of workshops, courses, mentoring, and more in the fields of holistic healing, Nature-based wisdom, shame, trauma and the nervous system, and more, in order to bring the best to The InnerSpark Method and her clients.

All of that aside, however, it's the experience of her life itself as a living classroom, observing and living Nature's rhythms that continually inspire and guide her personal and professional process.